How to: Google Authorship.

Google Authorship

Hey, I know that guy!

A good freind asked me (again) today how I got my photo to show up on google results like this.  Well, as much as I would love to claim some sort of amazing knowledge of the inner google algorythms, I must admit.  It is a WordPress plugin.

This post will cover 2 parts.  First the plugin, and then why it is so important.

Be seen as an influencer on Google Results with this plug in.

This is only going to work if you are on WordPress.  If you are on some other platform then jus skip to the next section of this post.

First, head over to your Google Plus profile and edit the profile,  add your web site to the section “Contributor”.  This tells Google that you’re an author for the particular site.

Second, just to make sure that we are getting the message to Google.  Sign up here also.  Better safe than sorry.

Last we need the plugin for WordPress.  Here is a quick link to the plugin from Help for WP that I chose to use.  There are many, but I liked this one.  You can also find it by going to your WP admin board, click plugins> Add New> and search for “Google Author Link” it should be the top one.  Click Install.

From Help for WP

From Help for WP

Once installed you can find it under your Settings tab. Click it there and edit your settings.  You need to put in your email, website and Google Plus URL.    That is it.  See, not so bad?!

Sometimes it will take 2-3 days to show up, so be patient.

Let’s test to make sure it worked.  Use Googles Rich Snippets Testing Tool .  Put in the URL for your website here and click preview   If you installed the plugin correctly it should show your image next to the search result. If you have other rich snippets on your site they will be shown also.

Ta-da!!  Nice job, you are a pro.

Authorship confirmed.

Authorship confirmed.

Why do you want Google Authorship?

There are a few reasons that you want to do this.

First, you will look so cool to your friends.  Oh yeah.

Second, with your photo there it adds an extra level of personality that people like to see.  With a trusted face (Keep this in mind when you pick your profile photo!) people are more likely to lick.  I know I am drawn to the ones with a nice photo.

Third, Google will show your result to those in your circle above unknown authors.  This can quickly position you as a expert in your industry.  The more posts you author the more Google begins to help your ranking.

Great job!

If you run into trouble let me know.

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