What’s on your iPad?

This is my list of essential apps on my iPad / iPhone.  I use most of them, but there are a a few I include for reference only.  If you find a good one that I do not have here….let me know.


Pipedrive for iPad – App is Free, but service to the site cost. – I no longer use, but I loved it when I did.  I am now on Sugar CRM.
Sugar Mobile Plus for iPad.
CardMunch for iPhone – scan a business card, add right to contacts and LinkedIn


Productivity / GTD

Things for iPad , for iPhone, for Mac – Best for individuals, no strong collaboration features.
Omnifocus for iPad, for iPhone,  for mac
Wunderlist for iPad , for iPhonefor Mac – Great if working as a team
Vlingo for iPhone – Grab your speech for SMS, Social, Email , search, maps
Dragon Dictation for iPad – Speech-to-text


Social media

HootSuite for iPad ,  iPhone – Free – I use it daily and would cry without it.
Facebook for iPad – Free – Use it daily, gets measurably better with each release
Twitter for iPad – Free – Another daily app, although there are many alternatives, try them all and find your favorite.
Pinterest for iPad – Free – I use weekly, well built smooth app.
LinkedIn for iPad– The last release got much better, I still end up using the web site more because of when I need it.
CardMunch for iPhone
Google+ for iPad – Free – I prefer this over the website for reading, not for posting and researching.



Gmail app – works great!
Built in – Free – Works fine, but if you use GMail consider using the browser.
Browser – Free – My preferred method, but make a shortcut!



Google Drive for iPad– Free –GoDocs
Google Docs Manager
Apple productsKeynote for iPad – $9.99 –
Pages for iPad , iPhone – $9.99 –
Numbers for iPad – $9.99 –



Keynote for iPad – $9.99 –
Presi – Free – Great to show from iPad, but can not build from it.
PowerPoint to Ipad – Slideshark



Keynote – $9.99 –


Notes / Paper replacement / Contracts and Signatures

UPAD – $4.99 – Really like this app.
Notability – $0.99 – Same functionality as Upad with a different style interface.  Good app.
Paper by FiftyThree – great to just draw and sketch.
Evernote for iPhone , for iPad , for Mac – Free –
PDF Expert – $9.99
Genius Scan+ for iPhone
Built in camera app



Safari – Built in Reader works with desktop browser
Pocket – Free –  Favorite app to ‘read it later’
Instapaper for iPad –  for iphone – Free – Only used briefly, I use Pocket instead.  Still this app comes highly recommended.
Flipboard – Free – Subscribe to your favorite content.
Zite for iPad – Free – Like Pandora for articles.



Facetime – Built in on iPad 2 and newer
Gotomeeting for iPad , for iPhone – Free App, paid service –
Skype – Free app and free/paid service
Message – built in
Voxer for iPhone – Free – text, walkie talkie, photo sharing. (iPhone only)



iPhoto –
Pic Stitch – I do not use, but comes highly recommended



chrome – Free –
safari – built in – Easiest
digio – not impressed.



Dropbox – This is almost as important as oxygen. Be sure to add it to your main computer!
Google Drive – almost the same as Dropbox.
Evernote for iPad, iPhone, Deskop (Mac), web –


Want a cheat sheet?

My favorite stylus



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