Get more views with these 5 SEO tips

These tips come ‘right from the horses mouth’ , Matt Cutts at Google.   The great thing about these SEO tips is that they are not some crazy, waked out, secret code that people do not understand.  These are easy to do steps.

You will want to watch the full video also, but here is the quick list.

  1. Make sure your site is crawl-able. – Make sure that all your pages are linked together and no pages have been left orphaned with no way to find them.  Do you have to dig too deep to find the good stuff?  Try to keep them all just 1-2 clicks away.
  2. Be sure that the right words on the page – Think what the user will type.  Do not use “Everest elevation” try “How high is Mount Everest?”  Type in the same way consumers type.  Get things like menu items off the PDF and onto text.  Text is what google reads, so make it readable.
  3. Compelling content – Think about marketing and content, not links.  Why would people want to read this?
  4. Consider the title and description of your home page-  Go bookmark your home page.  What does it show?  Is it descriptive of what your whole site is about?  You can customize this for each of your important pages and not the same for the whole site.
  5. Use the free resources – Use webmaster tools, videos, and blog.  There is a ton of information out there, use it!

If you have a brand new website you will want to read my post on SEO for a new domain.

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