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my custom qr code

This is one of those “Doh, I should have thought of that!”  QR codes (boring wiki link).  Have you seen them yet?  They are in magazines, shop windows, websites and even newspaper ads.  Once you realize how powerful they are you will wonder why there are not more of them.

Although it is not exactly the most attractive image,  I gained a lot of respect for it once I learned what it does. This little guy is like a secret passage, you can scan with with your smart phone and it can give you all kinds of information. It can lead you to a webpage, give you a virtual business card, phone number or just some plain text.   Wait… let those gears start to turn… yeah, you can already start to think of ways to market with this new found power!!

There are quite a few neat things about my little QR friend. He is irresistible, almost like a “Do Not Touch” sign in a museum… it’s begging to be touched!  I scan these little buggers every time I see one just to find out what’s behind it. Usually it’s a web page with fun ‘exclusive’ deals from a retailer, but it might be a resume, concert announcement or scavenger hunt. (Remember when you were 7 and you built a clubhouse that only your friends could enter with a secret knock? Yeah, it’s like that!)

Here is a little youtube clip about them:

A few things you need to build your new geek badge.

  1. Reader for you phone. (Here is an iTunes link to the free one I use)
  2. Place that will build your own code! There are plenty, but here is a quick link.

Get your geek on and let me know what you create with your QR code in the comments below.  If you would like to chat about some great ideas on how to use them in your business please contact me.

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