Are you on LinkedIn?

LinkedInLinkedIn seems to be an overlooked gem by many people.   It has been around longer (since 2003)  than so many other sites, but even with its age quite a few people are still unfamiliar with what LinkedIn offers. It is not just another social networking site.  People there are there for business, and that canbe a refreshing change.  LinkedIn offers a great place to network with professionals, find a job, find employees, get training, promote new products and services, find friends and learn.

What LinkedIn is not doing?

It is not a place to find updates on what someone ate for lunch. You won’t read a post about efforts in potty training a child.  Those 2 facts it is set apart from quite a few more well known services.

If you are not already on there you should go sign up for free and check it out. If you are already on there then find my LinkeIn profile and lets begin to network and help each other out.

Here is a fun infographic from LinkedIn about their growth.

100 Million users!

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