Freaky friday!

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Friday. That wonderful day where we give up all hope of getting any real work done, and surf YouTube! Allow my to get you started with this cute little baby. Poor little guy has no idea what to do when mom blows her nose. Watch and see. 3 Million views in 4 days....

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You have great content. Where do you put it?

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Where should I concentrate my efforts? There are so many ways to share your content and interact out there it can be confusing to figure out where to go. You know that content is king and you might be looking to share photos, video and a wonderfully written article. Do you want to interact with others, grab traffic, or establish your brand? See… there are a ton of options to consider! This simple infographic helps you wade through the...

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Tutorial on Facebook ads

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How to set up a Facebook ad? In this video I do a walk through of setting up a localized Facebook ad for a business in Utah. The interface for setting up an ad is the easy (and fun) part. Knowing when, how and what to display for your ad takes some expertise.  Call me, I would love to figure out the best ad for your business. Let me know what you would like to see in the next video by leaving a comment...

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SEO is not dead.

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SEO made easy. Just sit back, relax, and learn everything you ever needed to know about SEO. How easy was that? One thing that I want to cover from that video is how content improves your ranking. I am sure you have heard that ‘content is king’, and that is true. Take it one step further though and know that great content is priceless. The old methods of keyword stuffing, buying links, and spamming comments to manipulate search...

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Why Facebook might be hiding your posts from friends.

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You just put up the worlds funniest status.  Now it’s 3 hours later you are wondering why no one has commented or liked it?  How could they not be admiring your genius?  Where is everyone?  Did they not see it?! Let’s talk about Edgerank and how it affects you. When you login to your Facebook you see a newsfeed comprised of posts from your friends and fan pages you follow.  Do you ever stop to think  why you see the ones that...

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