My twitter class

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How can I use twitter for my business? I teach classes to companies and their employees about “How to use twitter”.  The curriculum I created goes from beginner to intermediate and is a 3-4 hour class.   This page contains some links that I use to help teach. I thought it might be nice to share them on the blog. Unless you are in the class these links might seem a little random.  You can request the slides and it might put the...

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You have great content. Where do you put it?

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Where should I concentrate my efforts? There are so many ways to share your content and interact out there it can be confusing to figure out where to go. You know that content is king and you might be looking to share photos, video and a wonderfully written article. Do you want to interact with others, grab traffic, or establish your brand? See… there are a ton of options to consider! This simple infographic helps you wade through the...

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Top 10 retweets in 2010

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It’s really hard to read that headline and not make a pun about re-tweet and retreat.  (My wife is standing here with a bat over my head if I even try.) Meanwhile… Twitter published the list of the most re-tweeted tweets in 2010.  Just in case you are not familiar a re-tweet is… when you see a tweet you like and then republish it through your tweets. (Wow, 3 tweets in 1 sentence, lets not do that again.) Kinda of like the...

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