Avoid the top 5 mistakes that in SEO with these tips.

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Get more views with these 5 SEO tips These tips come ‘right from the horses mouth’ , Matt Cutts at Google.   The great thing about these SEO tips is that they are not some crazy, waked out, secret code that people do not understand.  These are easy to do steps. You will want to watch the full video also, but here is the quick list. Make sure your site is crawl-able. – Make sure that all your pages are linked together and...

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Set up your Google Authorship with WordPress

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How to: Google Authorship. A good freind asked me (again) today how I got my photo to show up on google results like this.  Well, as much as I would love to claim some sort of amazing knowledge of the inner google algorythms, I must admit.  It is a WordPress plugin. This post will cover 2 parts.  First the plugin, and then why it is so important. Be seen as an influencer on Google Results with this plug in. This is only going to work if you...

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SEO for a new domain.

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SEO for a new domain or website. I often get questions from Utah companies on how to improve their local search results.  I was making a FAQ list when the idea for a guest post hit me.  I knew right who to go to.  Scott Cowley is a Utah local, well known in the SEO world, and even agreed to help me out with this post! Here are the questions and answers between Scott and I. Once a site is built, and the pages optimized, do I need to go out...

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You have great content. Where do you put it?

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Where should I concentrate my efforts? There are so many ways to share your content and interact out there it can be confusing to figure out where to go. You know that content is king and you might be looking to share photos, video and a wonderfully written article. Do you want to interact with others, grab traffic, or establish your brand? See… there are a ton of options to consider! This simple infographic helps you wade through the...

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SEO is not dead.

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SEO made easy. Just sit back, relax, and learn everything you ever needed to know about SEO. How easy was that? One thing that I want to cover from that video is how content improves your ranking. I am sure you have heard that ‘content is king’, and that is true. Take it one step further though and know that great content is priceless. The old methods of keyword stuffing, buying links, and spamming comments to manipulate search...

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