QR code in the Home Depot ad

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Home Depot uses QR in a great way. I love to see when someone does really well with a QR code.  When I saw this article over at Mashable today, I wanted to share it with you guys.  Before I get too far though, if you are not familiar with this technology, then read my post about QR codes. There are a number of things that Home Depot did really well here. Put instruction next to the code to teach people how to scan. Link the code to mobile...

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QR Codes are great!

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This is one of those “Doh, I should have thought of that!”  QR codes (boring wiki link).  Have you seen them yet?  They are in magazines, shop windows, websites and even newspaper ads.  Once you realize how powerful they are you will wonder why there are not more of them. Although it is not exactly the most attractive image,  I gained a lot of respect for it once I learned what it does. This little guy is like a secret...

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