Avoid the top 5 mistakes that in SEO with these tips.

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Get more views with these 5 SEO tips These tips come ‘right from the horses mouth’ , Matt Cutts at Google.   The great thing about these SEO tips is that they are not some crazy, waked out, secret code that people do not understand.  These are easy to do steps. You will want to watch the full video also, but here is the quick list. Make sure your site is crawl-able. – Make sure that all your pages are linked together and...

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Motivation, Entrepreneurs and Marketing

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Last night I presented to a group of college students at WSU.  Really great group of entrepreneurs.  I actually only had 24 hours notice so I did not plan a slide presentation, and knowing the crowd would be less than 50 I wanted to make it more of a conversation anyway.  After the basic introductions I quickly had everyone in the room (about 30) tell me at least 1 thing they were hoping to learn for the hour they were about to share.   All...

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