Facebook is shrinking

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What to you do when your parents join Facebook? While Facebook is at record high number of users not all the demographics are growing.   According to recent studies the teen sector is shrinking, but the mom section is growing quick. Social Media Intelligence via Right Mix...

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LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

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Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn seems to be an overlooked gem by many people.   It has been around longer (since 2003)  than so many other sites, but even with its age quite a few people are still unfamiliar with what LinkedIn offers. It is not just another social networking site.  People there are there for business, and that canbe a refreshing change.  LinkedIn offers a great place to network with professionals, find a job, find employees,...

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You have great content. Where do you put it?

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Where should I concentrate my efforts? There are so many ways to share your content and interact out there it can be confusing to figure out where to go. You know that content is king and you might be looking to share photos, video and a wonderfully written article. Do you want to interact with others, grab traffic, or establish your brand? See… there are a ton of options to consider! This simple infographic helps you wade through the...

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Are your customers hiding from you?

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What a great graph by the folks at Flowtown! If you know who you target market is now you can see where to meet them.  Look at your current customer demographics.  Where would they fit on this chart?  Now ask them if they really do use these sites/tools. Keep in mind this is not a treasure map where you run in and start digging for gold on the X.  This is a guide where you can engage with people you fit the description of your ideal...

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