QR code in the Home Depot ad

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Home Depot uses QR in a great way. I love to see when someone does really well with a QR code.  When I saw this article over at Mashable today, I wanted to share it with you guys.  Before I get too far though, if you are not familiar with this technology, then read my post about QR codes. There are a number of things that Home Depot did really well here. Put instruction next to the code to teach people how to scan. Link the code to mobile...

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SEO is not dead.

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SEO made easy. Just sit back, relax, and learn everything you ever needed to know about SEO. How easy was that? One thing that I want to cover from that video is how content improves your ranking. I am sure you have heard that ‘content is king’, and that is true. Take it one step further though and know that great content is priceless. The old methods of keyword stuffing, buying links, and spamming comments to manipulate search...

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Funny Video Friday!

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Take a break! I know, I know…today is Friday and you have a laser focus on your work.  Nothing can take you away from that spreadsheet.  You are not looking to the weekend or being distracted with thoughts of (insert favorite weekend activity here). In honor of you Mr. Toil & Sweat.  Here is a little distraction for your Friday pleasure. My commentary: After you watch this your mind will start to form some questions like...

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One of the most viral guys ever.

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Old Spice produced one of the most viral ad campaigns ever with Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy.   They are back for more. This video has some great writing in it.  I wont spoil it for you, but I bet you watch it twice to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Will it be as catchy as last time?  We shall see. Please use the ‘share’ buttons below to tell your friends about...

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