Motivation, Entrepreneurs and Marketing

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Last night I presented to a group of college students at WSU.  Really great group of entrepreneurs.  I actually only had 24 hours notice so I did not plan a slide presentation, and knowing the crowd would be less than 50 I wanted to make it more of a conversation anyway.  After the basic introductions I quickly had everyone in the room (about 30) tell me at least 1 thing they were hoping to learn for the hour they were about to share.   All...

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SEO for a new domain.

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SEO for a new domain or website. I often get questions from Utah companies on how to improve their local search results.  I was making a FAQ list when the idea for a guest post hit me.  I knew right who to go to.  Scott Cowley is a Utah local, well known in the SEO world, and even agreed to help me out with this post! Here are the questions and answers between Scott and I. Once a site is built, and the pages optimized, do I need to go out...

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QR code in the Home Depot ad

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Home Depot uses QR in a great way. I love to see when someone does really well with a QR code.  When I saw this article over at Mashable today, I wanted to share it with you guys.  Before I get too far though, if you are not familiar with this technology, then read my post about QR codes. There are a number of things that Home Depot did really well here. Put instruction next to the code to teach people how to scan. Link the code to mobile...

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LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

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Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn seems to be an overlooked gem by many people.   It has been around longer (since 2003)  than so many other sites, but even with its age quite a few people are still unfamiliar with what LinkedIn offers. It is not just another social networking site.  People there are there for business, and that canbe a refreshing change.  LinkedIn offers a great place to network with professionals, find a job, find employees,...

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