The most frequently asked question on this site is about the name.  What is Howdiddle?

A quick story to set the stage.

When I was a kid my mom would walk in the house and yell “Hooowwwdiddle” at the top of her lungs and our job was to reply with a very loud “Howdiddle!” so she would know who else was in the house, sort of like a roll call. (it always freaked out any friends who were over to play!)  She actually yelled “How are ya?” the first time, but it sounded like Howdiddle, so then she just started yelling that instead.

Mom and Dad

We never let the limits of the dictionary define our vocabulary.  (Mom wants me to point out that she does not curse!) After a while it was just a common word in our family vocabulary.  Feel free to try it out next time you walk in the house.

(I wonder if Sergey or Larrys mom ever yelled “GOOGLE” when she got home?)

Why did I chose to use this name?

There are a few reasons I chose to use moms word.  First of all in my vocabulary it is a exclamation that grabs peoples attention, that is important for marketing.  My goal is to gather attention around you company online.

Second, is the HOW part how Howdiddle.  I want to help you understand HOW to market online, HOW to increase your revenue and HOW to automate you sales systems.

Consider this my greeting to you. Howdiddle.


About me

ross walkerI first started building my own business back in 1999.  I have been the co-founder , CTO, and CEO of a small handful of businesses for over 13 years now.

My experience includes helping international companies launch their sites, I created the sales system that took a mortgage portfolio serving company from launch to over one million in revenue in just a few years.  I even wrote the code for some of these solutions and did sales at the same time!

I am very proud to say that I can speek geek, sales man, and owner.  My time in the trenches brings a unique background that you can’t find just anywhere.   With all this experience I now get to focus on what I really enjoy… How to implement todays technology to create revenue for your business.  Automate where you can, listen to your customer, work hard, and increase revenue.  You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.



A few kind words…

dave“Ross is an innovative self-starter motivated by other’s success. He is extremely creative, has a passion for accomplishment, and he has incredible values that are needed in today’s business dealings.

He has a great sense of humor, high integrity, he’s honest and dependable.”

Dave Hilliard – Director of Operations, Assistant General Manager at Davis Conference Center




“I first become acquainted with Ross in my role in tech business development for the City of Ogden and his role as a successful entrepreneur we recruited to our community. Ross has demonstrated not only superior knowledge through execution of successful app business startups, but also leadership in promoting development of the tech and app community in our city. He has always been generous with his time and resources in promoting app development in our city.Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.04.50 PM
Ross is a known mover and shaker with our University in encouraging our tech student body to push creatively toward excellence. It has been my experience from observing Ross as he encounters obstacles that he exercises an unmatched level of acumen in finding solutions. I have observed this firsthand in his work.
One of his greatest strengths is his ability to interact with people. He possesses the unique talent to make those he works with understand, they are able to accomplish much more than they realize and that their efforts are valued; that they, as individuals, are making a positive impact.
Ross does all this using the common touch, as a no nonsense leader. Ross is a consummate professional. He is the definition of independent and self-motivated. The technical, interpersonal, and creative skills Ross possesses are a rare find”
Terrance Bride – Deputy Division Manager at Ogden City



Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.10.31 PM

“Ross has an entrepreneurial spirit that I only wish I could have. His drive and energy is evident in his projects. We created a website under his direction that is now a showcase for our company. I’ve been very impressed with his professionalism, and the demeanor during the building process. I would recommend Ross for future business ventures or services.”

Ryan Camomile – Owner, Infogenix